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Immunity - let´s improve it together

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Das Abwehrschild der Immunabwehr

победить COVID-19 вместе


juntos tenemos éxito

ensemble nous pouvons le faire

Zusammen sind wir stärker

Immunity - let´s improve it together

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Die richtige Immunantwort finden

победить COVID-19 вместе


juntos tenemos éxito

ensemble nous pouvons le faire

Zusammen sind wir stärker

Immunity - let´s improve it together

Desoxycholsäure - DCA Immunity Logo

Increase immunity with DCA

The missing link to fight many viremias – and COVID-19

DCA against COVID-19 - Contemporary immunotherapy Synergistic with our immune system Mental mobility in the treatment approach Thinking medically and ecologically altogether Boosting our immunity Don’t risk another shutdown The Electromobility in Immunology

  • Hygiene and vaccination

    Prevention BEFORE contagion

    → distance, mouth-nose protection, ventilation. etc.

    → undergo a vaccination (if there is one)

  • DCA

    Treatment at the START of a disease

    → treatment with DCA for immunostimulation

    → to turn the tide of the disease

  • Antiviral and accompanying

    Treatment IN the course of the disease

    → antiviral drugs such as Remdesivir

    → fever reduction, pain relief, ventilation, etc.

Immunomodulator deoxycholic acid

Latest research results – Let’s combine the worldwide knowledge of DCA

The global focal point for DCA immunomodulator – for politics, research and industry

Vaccination - The Classic

Waiting for the development of a vaccination? Inject Sputnik V? No alternative?


Years and more
clinical experience in immunomodulation with DCA

DCA - The New Agent

DCA is indicated in a number of viremias – especially primo infections.


Years and more
Training of physicians and industrial consulting

Integrated Acting

Vaccination, anti-virus control and symptom treatment goes hand in hand.

Deoxycholic acid (DCA) is a body’s own bile acid with a well-known function in digestion. Only recently we start to learn about its functions in the hormonal cycle and, above all, our immunity. This site explains its immune-stimulating effect.

Research is carried out worldwide on the function of bile acids in systemic regeneration processes and immune defenses. Several patents have been submitted worldwide, drugs are being developed. Asia and the USA are ahead of the Europeans in this research. This is a pity, because the essential discovery of deoxycholic acid in immunity was made on the old continent – by Dr. B. Vlcek at Charles University in Prague, coinciding with the Prague Spring 1968.

Patents and publications: DCA stimulates the immune system

DCA potentiates the immune response

Publication: Potentiation of the immune response with deoxycholic acid (Vlcek, Karls-Univ., CSSR, 1972) – Pub. at DCA Vlcek

GA regulate non-specific immune system

Publikation: Bile Acids Activated Receptors Regulate Innate Immunity (Fiorucci, Univ. of Perugia, Italy, 2018)

DCA in wound healing

Patent: Verwendung von Desoxycholsäure bei Wundheilungsstörungen (Dr. Müller, BRD, 1985)

DCA activates kupffer cells (macrophages)

Publikation: Effect of deoxycholic acid and ursodeoxycholic acid on lipid peroxidation in cultured macrophages (Ljubuncic, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, 1996)

Influencing the immune response with DCA

Publikation: Affecting the immunity response with deoxycholic acid (Sborni Lekar, Chyle, CSSR, 1982)

DCA acts in natural cancer defense

Publikation: Evidence of the participation of deoxycholate in cancer immunity (Charles Univ., B. Vlcek, CSSR, 1971) – Pub. bei DCA Vlcek

Bile acids can act antiviral

Patent: Method and composition for the treatment and prevention of viral infections (Health Lab Service Board, Great Britain, 1990)

Macrophages are stimulated by GA

Publikation: Bile acid-activated receptors and the regulation of macrophages function in metabolic disorders (Fiorucci, Univ. of Perugia, Italy, 2020)

DCA investigated to counter stomach cancer

Publikation: Deoxycholic acid inhibits the growth of BGC-823 gastric carcinoma cells via a p53‑mediated pathway (Yang, Henan Univ., China, 2015)

DCA as a steroidal immunopromotor

Publication: Perspectives of steroidal immunopromoters (Vlcek, Karls Univ., CSSR, 1974) – Pub. at DCA Vlcek

GA regulate immune defenses and inflammations

Publikation: Emerging roles of bile acids in mucosal immunity and inflammation (Chen, The Scripps Research Institute, USA, 2019)

DCA modulates inflammatory processes

Publikation: Microbial metabolite deoxycholic acid controls Clostridium perfringens-induced chicken necrotic enteritis through attenuating inflammatory cyclooxygenase signaling (Wang, University of Arkansas, USA, 2019)

DCA effects on herpes

Publication: For the treatment of herpes zoster with deoxycholic acid (Dr. Bradna, Hospital Kutna Hora, 1983, CSSR) – Pub. at DCA Vlcek

GA active in the immune system and inflammations

Publikation: Counter-regulatory role of bile acid activated receptors in immunity and inflammation (Fiorucci, University of Perugia, Italy, 2010)

DCA suppresses tumor growth

Publikation: Deoxycholic acid modulates the progression of gallbladder cancer through N 6-methyladenosine-dependent microRNA maturation (Lin, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., China, 2020)

Gallic acids stimulate macrophages

Patent: Immunmodulierende Zusammensetzungen aus Galle (Imutec Corp, Canada, 1996 & 2003)

DCA as Agent in Cancer Immunity

Publication: Toxicity of deoxycholate at pH below 7-3 as a potential cancerostatic property (Vlcek, Karls-Univ., CSSR, 1970) – Pub. at DCA Vlcek

GA control the immune system

Publikation: The Immunomodulatory Role of Bile Acids (Sipka, Univ. of Debrecen, Hungary, 2014)

DCA against gallbladder cancer

Publikation: Deoxycholic acid modulates the progression of gallbladder cancer through N 6-methyladenosine-dependent microRNA maturation (Lin, National Scienc Foundation of China, 2020)

Tackling bowel cancer with UDCA

Patent: Composition for the prevention or treatment of gastric cancer containing urso-deoxycholic acid as an active ingredient (Chosun University, South Korea, 2011)

Livestock feed with DCA supports immune defenses

Patent: Futter und Futterzusatzmittel mit einer verbesserten Resistenz gegen Krankheiten wie Pseudorabies für Vieh, Geflügel und Fisch (National Federation Agriculture, Japan, 1995)

DCA treatment of herpes recurrences

Publication: Deoxycholic acid in the treatment of recurrent herpes Labialis (Chyle, Karls-Univ. Prague, CSSR, 1975) – Pub. at DCA Vlcek

Candida reduced by DCA

Publikation: Secondary bile acids inhibit Candida albicans growth and morphogenesis (Guinan, Oxford University Press, Great Britain, 2018)

Deoxycholic acid regenerates skin

Patent: Composition for skin cell regeneration, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, anti-imflamation, and skin whitening (LG Household & Health Care Ltd., South Korea, 2015)

DCA heparin against inflammation

Patent: Composition for preventing or treating of inflammatory diseases comprising novel desulfated heparin-deoxycholic acid derivates (Kyungpook University, South Korea, 2012)

UDCA as a cancer drug?

Patent: Compound having anti-cancer effect and method for preparation thereof and application thereof (3D Medicines, China, 2017)

DCA vs. COVID-19

China, Korea and USA conduct research in bile acids against COVID-19 – Time to bundle energies

Developing less disease symptoms despite contagion with COVID-19 – this is our mission

COVID research: Bile acids in the perspective

In China, the national health commission promotes bile pills against COVID-19 – a time-tested medicine of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). From our point of view, the approach is the right one. Unfortunately, bear bile is touted here (please surf “bear farms”), which we do not support. Global research has taken up this approach and is investigating it:


TCM has an effect on COVID-19

Publikation (Studienübersicht): Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Patients Infected with 2019-New Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): A Review and Perspective (Yang, State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, University of Macao, 2020)

Active substance DCA in TCM bile pills

Publikation: Regulatory effects of deoxycholic acid, a component of the anti-inflammatory traditional Chinese medicine Niuhuang, on human leukocyte response to chemoattractants (Biochemical Pharmacology US, Chen, 2002)

UDCA in bile pills against COVID-19?

Publikation: Ursodeoxycholic acid as a candidate therapeutic to alleviate and/or prevent COVID-19-associated cytokine storm (Primary Helath Care Corp Quatar, Abdulrab, 2020)

Clinical trials of UDCA recommended against COVID-19

Publikation: Merit of an Ursodeoxycholic Acid Clinical Trial in COVID-19 Patients (University of Minnesota, Subramanian, 2020)

We can well understand the successes of the use of bile as an active ingredient against COVID-19 in Asia. However, in our opinion, it is not UDCA (Urso-Deoxycholic Acid) that is the effective component of Chinese bile pills, but DCA – because both are present in effective amounts.

China, South Korea and the USA are intensifying their research on this, the above publications give a first impression. Do you want to take the lead with our help and skip 1-2 years of research?

Take advantage of our 50-year-old expertise – and be the headliner

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