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    in the use of DCA against viral diseases and inflammations

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Boost immunity with DCA – over 50 years of know-how

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  • Acute treatment

    50 years experience in sophisticated treatment plans

    We have developed treatment plans for many complex disease scenarios.

    Boosting immunity is no big deal in many cases of virus primoinfections.

  • Immunization

    Symbiotic immune build-up

    A healthy symbiotic intestinal flora gives us a robust health even in older age.

    Our grandparents still knew this – and we also know a lot about gut-based immunity.

  • Indications

    Overview of essential indications and contraindications

    For treatment with deoxycholic acid there are indications, no indications and contraindications.

    We are at home with this subject.

  • Active substance DCA

    Finding effective raw materials

    We have experimented with many primary commodities for the production of DCA-containing drugs.

    This is how we have identified excellent raw materials in the current market. Welcome to approach us.

  • Applications

    Preparations for optimal use

    In addition to an oral administration of DCA, there are much more refined forms of application. These are more effective, more ecological and more economical.

    We have developed these and are happy to use them.

  • Industrial implementation

    Production without pitfalls

    We have given a lot of thought to the industrial implementation and have already learned by trial and error.

    Save yourself these detours, setbacks and pitfalls by working with us.

The know-how of the explorers

The DCA original – since the Prague Spring 1968

Award Ceremony to Dr. B. Vlcek

Boosting immunity - life work of Dr. B. Vlcek

If you are looking for information about deoxycholic acid as an immune stimulator, you no longer need to surf. You have reached the source. Without exaggerating, we can say that most of the information on the internet is based on the knowledge that we teach or spred worldwide.

For more than 50 years, the Vlcek family has been involved in the question of how to boost immunity with deoxycholic acid. And for more than 25 years, we have been training doctors and naturopaths in these skills.

Dr. Bohuslav Vlcek discovered in 1968 …

… the effect of deoxycholic acid as an immune stimulator and devoted his life to this cause. His son Radim Vlcek transferred the scientific concepts to optimal applicability, both in acute treatment and in prevention.

So you will find here everything about the role of DCA in immunology. From research results and clinical tests, to practical application in medical practice, to help with the introduction of DCA as an active ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry.

Therapeutic use of DCA

Boost immunity to encounter viral diseases and inflammations

The basis of the treatment of acute diseases with DCA is nothing more than a short-term stimulation of the non-specific primary immune defense. The aim is to use DCA to boost immunity at the onset of a disease. This way an initial infection or diseasy can be intercepted before it can spread systemically.

Over the course of 50 years, a very proven guide to the treatment of specific diseases with deoxycholic acid was developed. This takes into account indications, treatment time windows, interactions and other supportive measures.

It is also important to take into account interactions between both immune system parts, so that a treatment success can be established sustainably. Used too early or too late, DCA cannot develop its effect in boosting the immune system.

Our know-how was thus developed over several decades and resulted in a treatment strategy, which can now be regarded as sophisticated.

DCA – meaningful treatment plans

Boost immunity intelligently

Prevention – Immunity strength

A totally natural approach

Our innate immune system is not designed to completely erase threats such as viruses, bacteria or fungi. It ensures that these do not spread and that our organism is overloaded. The better our primary immune system responds, the less likely it is for us to become infected with a disease – and the milder a disease will be.

In our experience, the immune defense for primoinfections depends on the factors of gut health and stress management – both interact directly with the DCA-reactive non-specific immune system.

It is precisely at this border that cultures and sometimes states differ from each other. Depending on how well the primary immune system is positioned, it becomes apparent how often a contagion passes into a disease, or even leads to death. And a pandemic, for example, is a big statistic about the power of primary immune defense in a particular society.

Intestinal health

As far as gut health is concerned, I’m playing with the dusty image of the cold war and dare to make a prediction: I assume that the poorer, closer-to-nature kefir-drinking Caucasian bear is better off fighting against primoinfection than the more affluent air-conditioned American eagle drinking Coke.

Direct connections of the intestinal flora with the primary immunity are basic knowledge of DCA research.


As we know from psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), stress is also biologically proven to be an immune killer. At the hormonal level, deoxycholic acid and corticosteroids form antagonistic control systems in some places.

Here, Dr. Vlcek provided a lot of basic research. If we want to boost immunity, it is important to understand and use the hormonal interplay of action and regeneration hormones. And then we will have to deal with the issue of stress.

Strengthening the immune system

Build a defense shield and boost immunity

Industrial use of DCA

Help with the introduction of immunomodulating drugs

Future preparations with active ingredient DCA

DCA deoxycholic acid capsules to boost immunity

Depending on the country, deoxycholic acid is approved as a food additive, dietary supplement or drug – but the latter is always for other indications. At this stage therefore, the use of deoxycholic acid as an immunological active ingredient is not yet established.

In practice, DCA is provided as a pharmacist’s prescription in some states. In other cases, drugs containing deoxycholic acid (e.g. choleretics or fat-soluble drugs) are used in off-label use.

In addition, various forms of applications have been experimented with in the use of deoxycholic acid in acute diseases – I think we all know them. Some of them have proved very successful.

As part of our scientific research, we were able to produce preparations from the active substance DCA that can act gently and effectively as immunomodulators.

Some of these preparations potentiate the biological effectiveness of the active substance deoxycholic acid, which means that significantly less feedstock can be used in the production of a future drug. The preparations made in this way would then be just as gentle on the patient as for the resource consumption in the production. Especially at a time when active ingredients are scarce and many people need to be supplied, accessibility and sustainability are important to us.

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