Your immune defense

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    Two shields of our immune system – defense and immunization

Your immune defense

Two-stages of innate immunity and adaptive immunisation

Two defensive shields

The innate (first) and the adaptive (second) immune defenses

Two shields – fast first defense line and the permanent immunization

Acquired and innate immunity

Our immune defenses are really clever. They operate in two successive steps.

The Sprinter

The “sprinter” of the innate immunity (or non-specific immune defense) is our first shield against any new pathogens in our body. It acts locally, specifically, quickly, powerfully and effectively – when well positioned. It detects viruses, bacteria and even degenerate cells by itself. This happens all the time in our bodies – we usually don’t even notice it.

In medicine, substances such as vitamin C, zinc or selenium are attributed to an immune-strengthening effect. However, this is not sufficient in the event of an incipient illness.

Dr. B. Vlcek his achievement was to identify a body-owned substance capable of modulating the non-specific immune defense. The deoxycholic acid of which this website is concerned.

The long-distance runner

From about the 3rd day, this first non-specific immune barrier is depleted and is replaced by the next immune stage – the “long-distance runner” of the specific immunity or adaptive immune system. This one has already prepared for his new task in the background, because his immune cells have to be trained first to recognize the new intruder. This is why it is sometimes referred to as the adaptive or acquired immune system.

When it comes to fight viral diseases, the specific immune is left with nothing, compared to the innate immunity, especially in the first acute phase. If the pathogens that visit our body are viruses, they do not stay long in the free bloodstream. They hide in host cells, in which they multiply immediately.

The beauty of the specific immune defense, however, is that it gives us a more or less persistent immunity to a very specific pathogen. Vaccination is based on this principle of natural immunization. We already give our body the necessary information in advance of a possible infection, which it needs for the immediate immune defense of this disease in the event of cases. For some pathogens such as polio or rabies, this works wonderfully. For others like seasonal flu only unreliable.

Strengthening innate immunity – COVID-19 protection

Three moments to influence our immune response to infections

In principle, we can support our immune system in three phases of disease control.

Before infection, at the beginning of the disease and in its course. The graphic here shows it.

In the FIRST 3 DAYS of a disease, we can use DCA to modulate our innate immunity and thus support our first immune barrier against all kinds of “intruders”.

COVID-19 Immunity Power Quiz

A race of the immune systems – using the example of the first wave

Why does COVID-19 mortality vary so much depending on the country?

Data sources for incidence and death rate on/with COVID-19 in sample countries (CIA Factbook – data status of 07.2020, / John Hopkins University – data as of 02.10.2020. As countries, only developed and emerging countries with sufficient case numbers were taken.

Incidence of COVID-19 (hygiene concepts)
Italy (0.51%)
United Kingdom (0.70%)
Sweden (0.92%)
France (0.84%)
Switzerland (0.64%)
Germany (0.37%)
USA (2.17%)
Chile (2.55%)
Argentina (1.68%)
Japan (0.06%)
Russia (0.83%)
South Korea (0.05%)
Saudi Arabia (0.98%)
Czech Republic (0.69%)
Israel (2.92%)
Kuwait (3.53%)
Quatar (5.15%)
Singapore (0.93%)

Death rate of COVID-19 (immune defense and treatment)
Italy (11.30%)
United Kingdom (9.20%)
Sweden (6.29%)
France (5.57%)
Switzerland (3.85%)
Germany (3.22%)
USA (2.87%)
Chile (2.76%)
Argentina (2.65%)
Japan (1.88%)
Russia (1.76%)
South Korea (1.74%)
Saudi Arabia (1.43%)
Czech Republic (0.91%)
Israel (0.64%)
Kuwait (0.58%)
Quatar (0.17%)
Singapore (0.05%)

The above numbers give a snapshot of the end of the first COVID-19 wave. And the following is striking:

Good corona management of the industrialized nations seems to be independent of the death rate. A number of relatively unregulated countries are getting away with it.

Although the underlying figures depend heavily on counting, the population pyramid, access to the health system, honesty of communication and more, that is not all. We also have an immunological explanation of massive differences in mortality and the relatively small number of serious diseases in many Arab countries. Ask us – we provide answers!

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